Welcome to Minis In Nelson Inc.

We are a group of Mini enthusiast who like to get together regularly to participate in club events.

The main objectives of the club are

  • Too provide members the opportunity to gather for discussion about, the display of, and use of their vehicles.
  • Too Encourage and foster ownership, appreciation and preservation of Minis.
  • Too Disseminate Mini technical information amongst members and to other interested parties.
  • Provide the facility to buy, sell, or exchange Mini parts between members.
  • Work with and co-operate from time to time with other organizations to further these Objectives.
  • Raise funds for the benefit of the club as a whole.
  • Membership fees

    $45 family/couple, $35 individual and $25 Junior.

    Committee and General Meetings

    Mini meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month normally at Armadillos Restaurant 183 Queen Street Richmond. We normally have a beverage and a social chat from 7 pm. with the committee meeting starting at 7.30pm. Everyone is most welcome to attend these meetings. The location of meetings are included in the monthly newsletter but for prospective new members please complete the contact us form on this web site to find out where the next meeting is.

    Club Runs and Events

    We aim to do a Mini run or event every third Sunday of the month but other runs or events may be scheduled through out the month. Run or event dates can be found in the events page of this web site or in the committee minutes, which are emailed to all members.
    Members are also reminded of a run a few days before via email, text and on our facebook page.


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